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Wally Trumbull’s New York: The Dakota

The historic building was an enviable if short-lived domestic respite for Wally Trumbull between 1961 and ‘65, during which he and his second wife, Caroline Bouvier (not that one), raised a young daughter, Greta Jr., on the fifth floor’s west wing, along with a brindled Boston Terrier named Nutley. Wally wanted off the unmanned oil rig he lived aboard during 1960 so he could begin storyboarding “Retired Whale Watchers, Depression and New York,” (working title: “How to Gut an American Fish”), which would see release in 1967. However, tensions would rise in 1964, when Jack LaLanne, a new tenant, made inroads on Bouvier, leading to the marrieds’ loud arguments, eviction and eventual divorce. By fall 1965, Wally was living in a repurposed schooner on Rye-on-Hudson, with Greta shipped off to Andover, and Bouvier married to Detroit Lions quarterback Milt Plum. By Christmas, the author would recuse himself of both parental responsibilities and the then-astronomical child support payment of $50 monthly.

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  1. Kas wrote:

    saw these posters today on Amsterdam Ave. thanks for contributing something that’s actually interesting to the cityscape

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  2. This really answered my question, thanks!

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