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Trumbull Life

Spotted in Brazil: Xuxa, Drinks

Xuxa (above, left) is best known as the children’s show performer in Brazil. Generations of South American children grew up watching her shows and listening to her records, though she never really did well in North America. Unlike most children’s show hosts, she posed for Playboy in 1982, dated Pele and Ayrton Senna, the F-1 racer, and allegedly had sex with a kid in a movie. She is everywhere in Brazil and is worth over a quarter of a billion dollars. She was spotted in Brazil hawking beverages both healthy and non-, knowingly and unknowingly:



  1. Fresh out of a coconut, like a straw in it

Cheeseburgers from Paradise

Gretings frm Brazil -(STOP)-


Jacked up?


I apologize for only getting to this now, but the pile of mail on my drafting desk is both impressive and beckoning. Well, mostly beckoning. It might be impressive to you, though. Anyways, I was going through my personal video recorder (as in, we were playing tackle football, and I lined up in the slot, took the pass and barreled through the young fellow who personally records my videos), and he (Phil) mentioned a going-on in the Association he thought I might be interested in. To be sure, I haven’t watched much basketball since Penny Hardaway‘s second retirement, but Phil was bleeding, so I humored him.

After some hot toddys and an organic chicken burrito, I rolled Phil into the chamber and let him set up the video. Here it is. Jarrett Jack, who I went to boarding school with (though I didn’t know him personally), was playing point for the mighty Toronto Raptors, in relief of the efficient Jose Calderon. Facing the Bulls on Dec. 5, Jack moves the ball upcourt, and as the offense sets, he bends down and ties his shoelaces. Not sure why he did this. The other four move around but nothing happens. The play then stops. Jack had nine assists and a +/- of +13, but this play was confusing.

But then, we know the rumors that allege that Jack came to Toronto to keep his best friend Chris Bosh happy and keep him from leaving the Raptors, like so many have in the past. Maybe he can do whatever he wants?


Glossary of Emping Terms

The Scene R3ader supplied us with a partial glossary of terms, just in case today’s Emping post needed any clarification.

Buffer: The quantified value for the difference between your uploads and your downloads — the calculation of which (megabytes up/megabytes down) determines your ratio.

The Cycle: Downloading the FLAC, 320, V0, and V2 rips of a new popular album on a tracker-based Web site for the betterment of one’s ratio.

Dupe: A duplicate upload of an already existing torrent on a tracker-based Web site.

Emp: An MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 file, commonly referred to as an Mp3. Also used as a verb, meaning to download Mp3s.

Lossy: When any audio source is compressed and audio quality is compromised for the sake of file size (Mp3s are inherently lossy). Note that FLACs — Free Lossless Audio Codecs — are lossless.


The Trumbull Family Tree

What’s a man? What’s a Trumbull man? Hard to say for the first, gets a little easier for the second. I’d like to think there are a lot of variables that go into these guys, but the concentric space where they meet is where this all started. We have a good idea what a Trumbull man is, but you can keep referring to this chart on our arcing rise to power, and say, sometime around 2021, “Hey, these guys had a point…also, where is my robot butler Jeremy? He should be back from the post office.”

Trumbull Family Tree PDF for better viewing