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Jacked up?


I apologize for only getting to this now, but the pile of mail on my drafting desk is both impressive and beckoning. Well, mostly beckoning. It might be impressive to you, though. Anyways, I was going through my personal video recorder (as in, we were playing tackle football, and I lined up in the slot, took the pass and barreled through the young fellow who personally records my videos), and he (Phil) mentioned a going-on in the Association he thought I might be interested in. To be sure, I haven’t watched much basketball since Penny Hardaway‘s second retirement, but Phil was bleeding, so I humored him.

After some hot toddys and an organic chicken burrito, I rolled Phil into the chamber and let him set up the video. Here it is. Jarrett Jack, who I went to boarding school with (though I didn’t know him personally), was playing point for the mighty Toronto Raptors, in relief of the efficient Jose Calderon. Facing the Bulls on Dec. 5, Jack moves the ball upcourt, and as the offense sets, he bends down and ties his shoelaces. Not sure why he did this. The other four move around but nothing happens. The play then stops. Jack had nine assists and a +/- of +13, but this play was confusing.

But then, we know the rumors that allege that Jack came to Toronto to keep his best friend Chris Bosh happy and keep him from leaving the Raptors, like so many have in the past. Maybe he can do whatever he wants?

To me, however, this is not surprising. This is just one of many acts in the litany of amateurism that is the frustrating yet beautiful brand of Raptors basketball. Well, not so much amateurism, but I am trying to think of a way to subtly bring up Oliver Miller without bringing up Oliver Miller.

Damn it.