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Cheeseburgers from Paradise

Gretings frm Brazil -(STOP)-

Apol for brevity, absent characters, int’l videogram rates = $$$ -(STOP)-

USA has great burgers -(STOP)-

Brazil has crazy-ass burgers, also great -(STOP)-

Plz see virtual LAÇA BURGUER menu (below) -(STOP)-

Had Laça Burguer Especial (pictured) -(STOP)-

For one day only, will express Laça Burguer of your choice for 200 USD shipped overnight -(STOP)-

Add $20 for each aditional Burguer -(STOP)-

Maximum of 11 Burguers -(STOP)-

Unless you’re really hungry ROONNC -(STOP)-

In which case we can enter into discusions -(STOP)-

About te precise number of Burguers -(STOP)-

To be involved -(STOP)-

But I’m getting ahead of myself -(STOP)-

Paypal: -(STOP)-

ROONNC Trumbull Burguer Delivery Service FTW -(STOP)-