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El Pinto Honors Lil Wayne With Custom Salsa

lil wayne el pinto salsa ymcmb lil tunechi @liltunechi trumbull island wally trumbull

"This jar of El Pinto Signature Blend was specially prepared for Lil Wayne"

Lil Wayne is known to have a formidable sweet tooth, but did you know that Mr Carter’s palette has a salty side? The CEO of Young Money Cash Money recently received a personalized case of El Pinto’s medium salsa during a recording session for his long-awaited Tha Carter IV album at The Hit Factory in Miami. There are many ways to enjoy salsa — this the Mexicans can attest to — but in Miami I witnessed the Lil Wayne salsa be put to use in strange and newfangled ways by the YMCMB squad that El Pinto product developers and parents of Young America alike may care to take note of:


Wally Trumbull’s New York: Shake Shack

Not Wally Trumbull’s favorite place to get a burger — that would be the original DuMont Burger — but his favorite place for the hangover- destroying peanut butter and bacon/waffle fry combo. In 2005, Wally told the now-defunct Gourmet magazine that, “The frozen custard remains a balm for me, in my darkest hours,” referring to the incident earlier that year at the Bryant Park location1 during which he was made to wait in line for the first — and only — time in his life.

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shake shack trumbull island dumont burger madison square park gourmet magazine


  1. What, you've never been?

Trumbull Header Artist Series, No. 1: MPH

Look up and you’ll see the first in a prolific series of Trumbull headers designed by some of the cheapest and most desperate talent to be found, which we scrupulously screen for quality during begrudged sessions punctuated by violent retching and the cries of our judge’s panel suffering stabbing ocular pain. We’ve been spreading the word about this ritzy plot of pixel space to insiders for some time, but let not the agony of our critics deter ye artists far and wide from submitting to our consideration; consider the floodgates opened.

And now for five questions with MPH, the first to claim our marquee.

mph trumbull island header


1. What do you do?
Design and illustration.


Wally Trumbull’s New York – Dorsia

Dorsia, a Glatt Kosher Cajun fusion restaurant-cum-death metal club of which Wally Trumbull was a minority owner, was famously the peak of the New York cuisine scene, introducing both sushi and Pentagram to high Manhattan society. In addition to putting respectable, if dirty, money into Wally’s elk leather satchel, the restaurant also inspired Le Bernardin’s Maguy Le Coze to move to the United States in earnest. It should be noted that Dorsia took fewer reservations a night than did Richard Nixon, but a handful of nightly patrons were admitted on the strength of their ponytails, and their teeth — the fewer the better. It was also Henry Kissinger’s favorite place to eat before he became allergic to cough syrup.

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wally trumbull dorsia american psycho bret easton ellis christian bale patrick bateman

Wally Trumbull’s New York: Greenpoint Hospital

The scene of Wally Trumbull’s only foray into medicine, as part of a freelance article for National Geographic entitled “Under the Knife in North America: An Expose of Medicine in the Other Boroughs.” Wally was the lead surgeon on duty when local police hero Frank Vincent Serpico was carted in after being shot at point-blank range during a purported set-up in Williamsburg on Feb 3, 1971. While removing the .22 caliber bullet from Serpico’s face, Wally impacted the already fraying auditory nerve in the officer’s left ear, causing him to go half-deaf, and preventing the author from casting him in his off-Broadway musical, “Me and the Other Pope,” much to the chagrin of both. Out of respect, Wally would force at gunpoint the play’s lead actor, one Hillel O’Neal, to change his name to Frank Vincent, in tribute to the injured officer.

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frank vincent serpico greenpoint hospital wally trumbull island new york

Wally Trumbull’s New York: The Dakota

The historic building was an enviable if short-lived domestic respite for Wally Trumbull between 1961 and ‘65, during which he and his second wife, Caroline Bouvier (not that one), raised a young daughter, Greta Jr., on the fifth floor’s west wing, along with a brindled Boston Terrier named Nutley. Wally wanted off the unmanned oil rig he lived aboard during 1960 so he could begin storyboarding “Retired Whale Watchers, Depression and New York,” (working title: “How to Gut an American Fish”), which would see release in 1967. However, tensions would rise in 1964, when Jack LaLanne, a new tenant, made inroads on Bouvier, leading to the marrieds’ loud arguments, eviction and eventual divorce. By fall 1965, Wally was living in a repurposed schooner on Rye-on-Hudson, with Greta shipped off to Andover, and Bouvier married to Detroit Lions quarterback Milt Plum. By Christmas, the author would recuse himself of both parental responsibilities and the then-astronomical child support payment of $50 monthly.

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dakota trumbull island john lennon milt plum jack lalanne

Wally Trumbull’s New York: CBGB

Not one of Wally Trumbull’s favorite corners, having been busted across from Ray’s Pizza in the spring of 1983 for stealing a police car with one Raymond Barbieri (RIP). Barbieri got away on his bicycle, but Wally was not so lucky, and had to spend the night shackled to the radiator in the Special Investigations Unit waiting room. The escapade yielded some good, as Wally met Cyndy Garvey (ex-wife of Steve), outside SIU on his release the next morning. (She would later become his muse and subject of his best-selling vampire comic book “Ozarks Woman.”) By mid-afternoon, he was banging dope in an alley off Bleecker St., and by 11 p.m., he was moshing to Major Conflict’s “Outgroup.”

Limited quantities of this and other Trumbull posters are available in our store.

cbgb warzone nyhc raybeez todd youth bri hurley making a scene 315 bowery trumbull island

What is Trumbull?

jimmy trimble wally trumbull neal pollack trumbull island

What does Trumbull mean, some people have asked? What’s the deal with those posters all over the town?1 Why is your magazine/website/sticker named after a town in Connecticut? Or are you just big Detroit Tigers fans? Though it may not seem so, there’s a reason. Hopefully this sheds some light on what we are going for. If it doesn’t, then that’s cool too, you can always refer to our family tree.

James “Jimmy” Trimble III, born 1926, died in February 1945 a legend and a Marine private at the Battle of Iwo Jima, in a foxhole. Alternately known as a can’t-miss pitching prospect and the lost love of American novelist Gore Vidal, Trimble’s truncated life was the stuff of dreams. (Vidal, a schoolmate of Trimble’s at St. Albans, referred to him as the only person he had ever loved. Baseball Hall of Famer Heinie Manush called him “one of the finest prospects he had ever seen.”) A three-sport star in high school, at 17 he won a $5,000 contract with his hometown Washington Senators, the terms of which let him matriculate at Duke per his mother’s wishes. A bad eye disqualified him from entering the service through Duke, so he instead enlisted in the Marines, in the Third Division, where the new Private was stationed in Guam. With a standing offer to play baseball through his military service, Trimble instead volunteered for front line combat, motivated by a sense of duty which one U.S. General Graves Erskine would refer to as “unswerving.” Trimble had high morals, was kind, well-liked, and dedicated to his fiancée, his high school sweetheart, Christine White, who would later star on TV’s “Magnum Force.” He was survived by Christine and her parents, who were divorced.



  1. Wally Trumbull has been many places. If you live in New York City, try visiting some of his favorite haunts to see what we mean. Head to CBGB's first.

For Immediate Release: Newbridge Raiders Jr. VP on 2-5 record

MANHATTAN – Newbridge Raiders Football Club Vice President in Charge of Community Affairs, Team Spirit and Towel Rationing Clay Trumbull joins LOC Fantasy Football 2010 Commissioner Jason Barreau and Bombadil’s Beard Water-boy/GM Greg Lamotte, both in absentia, at a LOC Fantasy Football 2010 News Conference on Tuesday, Oct. 26 at approx. 4:30 p.m. ET.

Coming off four straight losses and facing a surging 5-1 Bombadil’s Beard team in front of 34,440 semi-nude fans, the Raiders tallied 75.90 points to Bombadil’s 80.90, dropping the club to 2-5, despite strong showings from new addition Hines Ward and lineup staple Joe Flacco. The game marked the fourth straight in which Raiders contributors were held to under 80 points, despite a strong start.

Newbridge pulled out to an early lead, though with the majority of player-minutes coming at early Sunday, only a wide points margin would have vouchsafed success.

“We looked good at the beginning,” said Trumbull, who confirmed that he received an expletive-filled text from Lamotte after waking up from a mid-afternoon nap.


Listen here summer baby

Then followed that beautiful season… Summer….
Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light; and the landscape
Lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood.
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

trumbull island summer is magic

Summer for some people is fried corn, boat shoes in the park, cutoff jean shorts, independently-funded adult contemporary music, and bike rides to some pizza place on a checklist. Not us. Summer here includes but is not limited to: body odor, moldy linen suits, potato, and cheese burekas by the pound in holey and dewy plastic bags, barbeques gone wrong, twenty-dollar bills gone missing, starters’ arms and bullpens destroyed, camping for free and for pay, vacuum-sealing, the air conditioner’s box, getting the measles, sweating on the train platform, Billy Joel cover bands at Belmont, two-a-days, Mr. Two-Showers-A-Day, rotten, dead-air Sportscenters, wilting second-hand books, Ms. Undershirt-A-Day, spur moviegoing, shredded and curly cardboard diet coke and king can cases, Manon Rheaume drunk at the cottage, better parking spots, more sleep and less, Civic Holiday, pressurizing stretch runs, tons of tourists, cashing out and the subsequent race for rare joints.

Salute: Dwayne hold your head

Photo by Kenneth Cappello

Are they really sending him away this time? Poor chap. He simply refused to go anywhere without … excessive firepower — I suppose it was only a matter of time before John Law caught up with our friend. Look, I’m strapped — that’s a given. You see this? This is a Remington. <discharges three shots into the ceiling> What does Dwayne need with scatter-shot and automatics? Oh, look, some of the ceiling’s landed on your hat.

I’ll sorely miss our South Beach shopping sprees and his jokes. There was the day I introduced him to crêpes at A La Folie. He loved them! He must have ordered five different kinds. Slim once told me — this was last year — oh, forget it.

The boys say they’ve been pestering you with a list of “Lil Wayne’s” best mixtape tracks on their Twitter account, and asked me to say a few words to introduce their fancy little playlist. So, without any further ado, Trumbull’s Top 10 Weezy mixtape jams:


Cam’ron – Crime Pays¹



Would all those designated kindly stand at attention? Thank you much.
Let us get down to business then, fellows.
The reputation I’ve garnered for throwing around doubloons precedes me. Also, I’ve installed a virgin set of wheels on my Stutz Bearcat.
Keep in the front of your mind, George Moore, I turn quickly on my radius and release — no doubt owing to my infantry training at the hands of Brig. Gen. Pellham-Wick. And it is not in my interest to come down to the level of the vicar’s son, and mislead his peers with youthful jokes and insouciance about my good for-tune.


  1. Earlier, we heard a shriek in the study. Wally, supposedly reviewing Cam'ron's latest, was in there drinking wine. ("An '82 Montepulciano, you nincompoop.") He began cursing…that he had ruined the CD and a copy of the King James Bible as well. Half a roll of Bounty and seventy or so minutes later, he sent us his "review." For reference, please find Cam'ron's original words to Crime Pays' title track here.

The Trumbull Family Tree

What’s a man? What’s a Trumbull man? Hard to say for the first, gets a little easier for the second. I’d like to think there are a lot of variables that go into these guys, but the concentric space where they meet is where this all started. We have a good idea what a Trumbull man is, but you can keep referring to this chart on our arcing rise to power, and say, sometime around 2021, “Hey, these guys had a point…also, where is my robot butler Jeremy? He should be back from the post office.”

Trumbull Family Tree PDF for better viewing


Fever Ray – S/T



This record is the first solo effort from the chick in The Knife, the Swedish electronic duo. And as I understand it, the album was written in a network of catacombs and underground canals, through use of steampunk gadgetry and the presence of chanting spirits during a cipher of synthesized seances. You have to expect cool things from a Swedish woman into wearing masks, pitchshifting, and “Trailer Park Boys.”1 I recommend supplementing this listening experience with your iTunes Visualizer (⌘T). Into weird films? Check out the videos produced for four of the songs on the album. “If I Had a Heart,” the first one, is about things I hope never to witness first-hand. An empty pool full of dead people behind a mansion prowled by feral canines? This is the type of scenario I would avoid in real life, but one I find rather enticing when portrayed successfully in an artistic medium. Scarily vacant face-painted pagans seem as right as rain in this video, yet I’d be quick to turn and walk in the other direction if they popped up on my way to the bus stop.