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Nick of Tim: Whatever

nate turbow whatever trumbull island

Nick of Tim: That’s What Friends are for

Nate Turbow is a cartoonist and a DJ living in New York City. Follow him on twitter for updates on the party of life, or if you ever need a little extra motivation to do something awful.

Nick of Tim: Stick to Your Guns


Nick of Tim: No Way Out

Into the fold we welcome Nate Turbow, with his Nick of Tim funny. It has been said this young DJ was run out of Cleveland years ago for his involvement with a deviant underground newsletter known as RIGAMAROLE, and we’re pretty sure this is true. Be that as it may, the scritch-scratching of his quill is enjoyed by many through his Dreaming and Scheming site, and can now be found within the pages of Trumbull Magazine/Trumbull Island. Spiritually daunting, romantically obtuse, and politically magnetic, his work is executed with a poignancy unparalleled in contemporary art and media. He was once quoted as saying, “If God wanted me to do something with my life he/she wouldn’t have invented drugs and women.”
"No Way Out"