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Fever Ray’s first American show

Karin Dreijer Andersson from The Knife graced New York City with her rare and sublime presence as Fever Ray for a two-night engagement beginning on September 28 at Webster Hall. Those who saw her Monday witnessed the first of only eight North American performances in support of the incredible self-titled album (Rabid, 2009).

I thought one thing as I sold off the last of my extra tickets (yeah, it’s like that) and made my way into the grand ballroom: “Karin, please point your most powerful laser straight into my pupils and blow my brains out of the back of my skull onto these hipsters behind me.” Luckily, she not only had lasers, but mirrors to reflect and intensify them. The LP was played entirely, and she treated the audience to two covers, recorded versions of which are available on a limited tour 7″ (Rough Trade).1

There was no encore, but Karin gave us everything she had and everything we needed. We even saw her face. Does anyone know what was up with that dude in the hat on stage left? If he has his own band, I’d like to get into them.

Brooklyn Vegan has a nice set of photos, but we got the best video.

Witness: If I Had a Heart + Stranger Than Kindness (Nick Cave)


  1. Tracks: 1. "Stranger Than Kindness" by Nick Cave and Anita Lane 2. "Here Before" by Vashti Bunyan. Also available through