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What Dat?

He didn’t get the “American Gangster” soundtrack, but wrote a record anyway. On Sunday, Jay-Z likely missed out on halftime to The Who, but sang a joint anyways. Why not? I would have been more into a classics set from UNLV, but it might be a better idea to save that kind of forward-thinking for a Patriots-Buccaneers Superbowl.

Jeremy Shockey has to have the best tattoos of any non-NBA athlete. NBA athletes who Jeremy Shockey bests in the tattoo department : Allen Iverson, Mike Bibby, Chris “Birdman” Anderson. NBA athletes who Jeremy Shockey bests in the hair department: Anderson Varejao. NBA athletes with identical and better hair than Jeremy Shockey: Fabrizio Oberto. NBA athlete with better tattoos than Jeremy Shockey: J.R. Smith. NFL athlete with better hair, but worse fantasy value than Jeremy Shockey: D.J. Shocklee.

Larry Bird, who appears to be melting, watches as Dwight Howard and LeBron James compete for a Big Mac. I am not sure why LeBron would enter a dunk contest with someone who can’t do anything else other than dunk. But that just goes to show why he’s such an incredible athlete. Part of me wishes LeBron will eschew Mike D’Antoni’s Knicks this summer and stay in Cleveland on a slow-paced basketball teams for the rest of his career. So when he averages 35/9/12 in two years, it’ll be that much more impressive to look back on.

Matt Stover, an original (Art Modell-era) Cleveland Brown. Just wanted to get that out there. Now that New Orleans has excised its sports demons, it’s Cleveland’s turn. And if you ask me, living in Shaker Heights in the offseason is as much an act of solidarity as is Brees’ decision to stay Uptown.

Who’s No. 70? Should I know this?

Let’s take some time to reflect on how impressive this move is, and how skilled these athletes are. Were I watching a pickup game where someone ended up in this position — pause — and then walked out unscathed, I’d never stop mentioning it to people. “So I saw this guy get completely upside down during a game! And he was fine! It wasn’t even a big deal!” This stuff happens all the time in the professional ranks, though. The screen shot here is not an action shot or anything. Still, being upside down probably doesn’t hurt as bad as taking a charge, though. Hardwood flooring… ouch.

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