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Holy Land Grand Stand

Israel is many things, but most of all a strange place. Rabbis driving tractors, Arab and German foods comingling, men-only gyms. Plenty of Anglo-Saxons (Americans, Canadians, etc. are called that) sticking out like sore thumbs. There’s nothing softer than an Anglo-Saxon college grad, and nothing harder than the Gaza Strip, but the two meet often. And there are weirder things out there than the interns: Hoards of street cats, mile-long tilted highways, dripping soapy water everywhere. It’s hard to describe what it’s like to live there, but these photos do a great job. Elizabeth is an excellent photographer, but (or maybe and) Israel really looks like this. Plenty of beaches and friendly people, but just as many drizzly weekdays and everything else. Like any homestead, sometimes it’s just a place to be.

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