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Gotta Fight the Hard Way

“60 Minutes” ran a story on Sunday about improvised explosive devices (IEDs), or roadside bombs, the deadliest artillery found in Afghanistan, and the elite American squads dedicated to finding and disabling them. The units are known as Task Force Paladin, and their job is so crazy that the only way to join the team is to volunteer. Luckily for them, they ride in some of the most badass vehicles on the planet, designed to sustain blasts somewhere in the range between that of a plasma grenade and an Age Of Quarrel mushroom cloud. Force Protection, Inc out of South Carolina, “has become the nation’s leading center for blast protection technology and research to counter improvised explosive devices.” As a tribute to our troops, the dangerous work they do, and the awe-inspiring design of the vehicles they depend on, we present to you a look at Force Protection’s product line.