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Trumbull Studio is proud to announce the opening of our Williamsburg gallery with an exhibition of photography curated by Owen Black and Derek Wood.

From December 3 through December 8, 2011, the Trumbull Studio Gallery will present exhibitions by ten contemporary artists working with photography, Derek Wood (United States), Ben Rayner (England), Elizabeth Weinberg (U.S.), Ryan Schude (U.S.), Bryant Eslava (U.S.), Aaron Feaver (U.S.), Scott Cannon (Trumbull Island), Jolie Clifford (U.S.), Kenn Law (U.S.), and João Neto (Brazil).

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Kenny Powers – La Flama Blanca

kenny powers eastbound and down white glove baseball rawlings trumbull island danny mcbride hbo

Kenny Powers: Newest member of The White Glove Group.


This is England: 1983 – 1986

Today, the fourth and final episode of Shane Meadows’ “This is England ’86″ will air on Channel 4. The series picks up three years to the day after the first shot in Meadows’ BAFTA-winning “This is England” (2006), and the subjects have gone through some changes. Combo is not hanging out any more, Banjo and Meggie are off the racist tip and Shaun is trying to stick in the workforce. The crew’s different fashions are immediately noticeable. Meadows had this to say to GQ (UK)’s Andy Morris when he broached the subject:

Strangely it’s just about the people now. The characters have earned their right to not be part of the fashion. They’re not just skinheads in a gang. Woody is still into his scooters, Milky is still into being a skinhead but they’ve all moved on. The reality was that by 1986 the important thing is the World Cup. It’s strange how we hang our memories on national events. 1986 was quite a wishy washy time. Hip-hop was still being born, the punk and skinhead thing had kind of died but was still there, there were casuals as well — but the one thing that sticks in my mind was Maradona’sHand of God“. I’ve been listening to a lot of archive stuff and what people forget is there were lines and lines of soldiers and tanks at the match. It was like they could have blown the whole thing up!

thomas turgoose shaun this is england 86 trumbull island
Shaun – Thomas Turgoose

We find Shaun to be a bit of a loner at the beginning of summer ’86. He quit hanging out with the crew in ’83, after Combo beat the shit out of Milky. Shaun now sports shaggy locks — that’s post-skinhead to you — and after a disagreement with his mum, he leaves home to sleep down by the docks. To round out his new homeless style, Smell hooks him up with some pieces from her 71-year-old father’s wardrobe. Nothing fits and everything is old. That’s real.



  1. "I heard barking." - Cynthia, Shaun's mother

In Kingston

In February I spent some time in Kingston, Jamaica. We were there to work out licensing deals for our vinyl distribution company, look for old records,1 and see some of the musical landmarks as it was my first time there. Here are some snapshots taken on a Blackberry, mostly from the car, as we drove thru the streets of Kingston. Caveat, we are not professional (or even amateur!) photographers by any means, so please take that into consideration with regards to the quality of the photos.

jamaica randy's studio 7 record cutting lathe trumbull island

Cutting Lathe
This is the old cutting lathe at Randy’s Studio 17. Randy’s was the most famous record store in Jamaica, and Studio 17 was the recording studio they operated upstairs from the store, at 17 North Parade, downtown Kingston. What was the studio is now the record store, and what was the record store, below, is now a different store. All the recording equipment from the 1960s is sitting there still, covered. This lathe cut the lacquers for thousands of Jamaican 7″ singles in the 1970s. Countless classic tunes were recorded, mixed, and cut here.



  1. My record pick, not Rob's.

Burn The Club Up Thugs

trumbull island dutty love

Nick of Tim: Whatever

nate turbow whatever trumbull island

Trumbull Gold

trumbull gold 1

Force of Hobbit

In honor of the brand-new owner of the same-old Nets, some ill Cyrillic “Lord of the Rings” art. Mikhail Prokhorov, not at all unshaken having lost the first pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, says he wants to rename the club when it moves to Brooklyn. Why not the Brooklyn Wizards?

Black N Blue Bowl 2010

Just a couple photos of some distinguished gentlemen who made appearances at Webster Hall in NYC this Saturday for the Black N Blue Bowl (formerly the Superbowl of Hardcore).

Mark Ryan of Supertouch

Mark Ryan, Andy Guida (in an Altercation tee), and Jon Biviano of Supertouch. They played “Better.”


Holy Land Grand Stand

Israel is many things, but most of all a strange place. Rabbis driving tractors, Arab and German foods comingling, men-only gyms. Plenty of Anglo-Saxons (Americans, Canadians, etc. are called that) sticking out like sore thumbs. There’s nothing softer than an Anglo-Saxon college grad, and nothing harder than the Gaza Strip, but the two meet often. And there are weirder things out there than the interns: Hoards of street cats, mile-long tilted highways, dripping soapy water everywhere. It’s hard to describe what it’s like to live there, but these photos do a great job. Elizabeth is an excellent photographer, but (or maybe and) Israel really looks like this. Plenty of beaches and friendly people, but just as many drizzly weekdays and everything else. Like any homestead, sometimes it’s just a place to be.

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One night awhile back, we were leaving the movies and saw a crowd at Union Square watching something. We followed, it was a fight. Lots of people fighting. The one fight we saw from the start was between a couple of young kids, no older than 16. A lean one who knew what he was doing, the other a chubby Puerto Rican kid. He held his own for more than a few minutes, but tried to relay a spin move into a punch, and didn’t look good doing it. Most people just kept cheering, although I caught a bigger dreadlocked guy in skinny black jeans laughing. The crowd was big, mostly young, but with a few security guards and women, for measure. It was like your regular bus stop crowd1 but bigger.



  1. See Harvard Square, etc.
  2. Some grammar was changed, but very little.
  3. Who is this? I don't have any idea. I'm assuming it's some sort of referee, though the one time we were there there was no real referee. It could have been the guy I laughed with, but according to their MySpace, last accessed July 23, 2009 — that was a man named Legend.
  4. I wouldn't say this is an art form, or that it's even that cool, but what do I know? A man named Dito Montiel sang for Major Conflict, one of the all-time greats, and as a graduated mind made a successful film about fighting. We might indeed be out of the loop. Either that, or it's one of those weird NYC things (bowler hats, skateboarding, Patti Smith, and what have you) that I just don't have my finger on.

Life’s a Beach

There’s nothing better than the beach, and, unrelated or otherwise, there are very few in Canada. I went to my first beach when I was 21 and knew I was an American. Lauren was the Glen E. Friedman of 2002-2005, documenting an era that, for many of us, was the best it got. She’s not too different from Glen these days either, in that she lives by the water (I’m guessing he does too).

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Ben Rayner lives in London with his wife and cat. He likes to play his guitar loud and fast, and he loves his stout. Ben’s latest exhibit is happening in Tokyo. Trumbull Island will be cashing in our frequent flyer miles to send one lucky reader along to work the door. That lucky reader? Yep, Josh Feola.

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The body has many functions and interpretations. Various communities have been formed whose members are stimulated and committed to displaying their bodies. Upon entrance into these tightly knit circles, there are competitions that determine the perfect members. Line up, walk, display, judge.

The world of bodybuilding consists of individuals from diverse backgrounds, all interested in meeting the demands of an idolized physique. Using weightlifting, diet, tanning and oils, the bodies within this industry may seem extraordinary and exaggerated to the outside world.

Through photography, I am interested in capturing the tradition of bodybuilding and the competitive, robust nature of the shows. Through artistic speculation of this extreme practice, I hope to bring question to all the radical and conservative practices we partake in to reach an ideal.

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