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Interview with Tyler, the Creator of Odd Future

tyler the creator odd future ofwgkta trumbull island

A few months back I contacted someone named ‘Wolf Haley’ on Facebook because I thought it was ‘Tyler the Creator1 of the Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA) crew in Los Angeles, Calif. By the time you read this, they will have played their first New York City show at Webster Hall. Who knows if they will ever be as cool again?

Mark Baumer: Wolf, I contacted you a few months back on YouTube about an interview. Still want to do one?
Wolf Haley: Sure why not.

Why did you become a wolf, what happened to Tyler, did you eat yourself?
Tyler Is Downstairs Watching Flapjack, What Are You Talking About? WOLF Is My Name.

Sorry WOLF. Does Facebook cause a lot of drama in your life? It seems like there’s some issues with Facebook in the past. Do the Facebook CEOs hate you? Are you going to see the Facebook movie?
Fuck that movie. And at times, fuck Facebook. They Banned Me Twice, saying I was crude or some fa99ot shit like that. I’m not doing anything but lurking bitches pages and posting pretty ass pictures of myself. Some girl’s dad hit me up tho, saying he wants me to wear a dress, no lie.


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  1. "'Hi, I'm Steve,' says Tyler, Odd Future's lynchpin. He likes to lie about his name. He also likes to fall down, just for fun. Last week he went out of state for the first time, visiting New York City. He flung himself dramatically down onto the Manhattan sidewalk, and noted that no one seemed to pay much attention." - C. Ryder for LA Weekly

What is Trumbull?

jimmy trimble wally trumbull neal pollack trumbull island

What does Trumbull mean, some people have asked? What’s the deal with those posters all over the town?1 Why is your magazine/website/sticker named after a town in Connecticut? Or are you just big Detroit Tigers fans? Though it may not seem so, there’s a reason. Hopefully this sheds some light on what we are going for. If it doesn’t, then that’s cool too, you can always refer to our family tree.

James “Jimmy” Trimble III, born 1926, died in February 1945 a legend and a Marine private at the Battle of Iwo Jima, in a foxhole. Alternately known as a can’t-miss pitching prospect and the lost love of American novelist Gore Vidal, Trimble’s truncated life was the stuff of dreams. (Vidal, a schoolmate of Trimble’s at St. Albans, referred to him as the only person he had ever loved. Baseball Hall of Famer Heinie Manush called him “one of the finest prospects he had ever seen.”) A three-sport star in high school, at 17 he won a $5,000 contract with his hometown Washington Senators, the terms of which let him matriculate at Duke per his mother’s wishes. A bad eye disqualified him from entering the service through Duke, so he instead enlisted in the Marines, in the Third Division, where the new Private was stationed in Guam. With a standing offer to play baseball through his military service, Trimble instead volunteered for front line combat, motivated by a sense of duty which one U.S. General Graves Erskine would refer to as “unswerving.” Trimble had high morals, was kind, well-liked, and dedicated to his fiancée, his high school sweetheart, Christine White, who would later star on TV’s “Magnum Force.” He was survived by Christine and her parents, who were divorced.


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  1. Wally Trumbull has been many places. If you live in New York City, try visiting some of his favorite haunts to see what we mean. Head to CBGB's first.

Kenny Powers – La Flama Blanca

kenny powers eastbound and down white glove baseball rawlings trumbull island danny mcbride hbo

Kenny Powers: Newest member of The White Glove Group.


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Neighbor to Durant: Nice lawn

Edit: has confirmed that this is a viral marketing campaign from Nike. Caveat emptor!

We’ve been hoodwinked! Bamboozled!

We’ve been led astray.

Anyways, here’s the original post.

Kevin Durant is a pretty cool dude:


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For Immediate Release: Newbridge Raiders Jr. VP on 2-5 record

MANHATTAN – Newbridge Raiders Football Club Vice President in Charge of Community Affairs, Team Spirit and Towel Rationing Clay Trumbull joins LOC Fantasy Football 2010 Commissioner Jason Barreau and Bombadil’s Beard Water-boy/GM Greg Lamotte, both in absentia, at a LOC Fantasy Football 2010 News Conference on Tuesday, Oct. 26 at approx. 4:30 p.m. ET.

Coming off four straight losses and facing a surging 5-1 Bombadil’s Beard team in front of 34,440 semi-nude fans, the Raiders tallied 75.90 points to Bombadil’s 80.90, dropping the club to 2-5, despite strong showings from new addition Hines Ward and lineup staple Joe Flacco. The game marked the fourth straight in which Raiders contributors were held to under 80 points, despite a strong start.

Newbridge pulled out to an early lead, though with the majority of player-minutes coming at early Sunday, only a wide points margin would have vouchsafed success.

“We looked good at the beginning,” said Trumbull, who confirmed that he received an expletive-filled text from Lamotte after waking up from a mid-afternoon nap.


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Eavesdropping on Nikita (on her Birthday)

eavesdropping on nikita trumbull island l train

What’s that you were saying about your phone password? That it’s so good nobody can crack it?

I said my boyfriend can’t crack it. The password on my phone, he won’t ever figure it out.

Do you change it up all the time?


How many digits is it? Like, 7?

Like, 20.

20? You gotta put that in every time just to unlock your phone? Holy shit, I’ve never heard of an unlock code that long. Is it all numbers?


So it’s letters and numbers. Well, I think you’re right, I don’t think he’s ever gonna crack it. [To friend] What about you, do you know it?


I think you’re lying. I think you know it.


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Ask a Skinhead about Sports

Leaf-balls have flown their arcs, discount pumpkins have been carved to resemble Snow White and Batman, hippies have turned to scratchy wool sweaters and beard shampoos. Young skinheads, having all upon the fly, among rhythmic slaps of Derek Wade of Angelic Upstarts on the drums, prepared their davenports and foot-rests in a comfortable corner of the room for watching the preliminary games leading up to baseball’s World Series. We caught up with one of these skinheads and gave him some reader mail about the baseball playoffs so that he might occupy himself with it, while listening to The Last Resort over Karl Ravech‘s ministrations over the Yankees‘ middle relief, as is his wont.

Hey Skinhead. I was really impressed by the Phillies rotation in the NLDS. Can it withstand San Francisco? Also, can I wear Sta-Prests to a job interview? – Bruiser, Olney, Pa.

Hey Bruiser, thanks for writing.  As my friend Proud Gary would say, you hit the nail on the skinhead. Joe Blanton notwithstanding, Philly holds the best rotation of the four teams left. Their 1-2-3 reminds me, at times, of the 1990s Braves, as well as “Out Tonight/My Land/Trendy Punks” by The Glory Boys. In other words: dominant.


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Die Antwoord – $copie video (reversed)

Die Antwoord has been dropping little videos on their site as it counts down to the release of $O$, now available worldwide. The latest one, “$copie,” played backwards, so we flipped it.

Die Antwoord $copie Reversed $O$ from Trumbull Magazine on Vimeo.

Below, the original $copie snippet.


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Lyle Owerko’s Boombox Project a Blast

lyle owerko token entry nyhc boombox project trumbull island

It’s been a pretty hardcore week in Trumbull Town — that’s a good week. We pored through a recently uploaded video of “punks outside The Rat” in Boston from 1996 which sourcist P pointed out includes an incredibly Scorcese-esque shot at the end, following his older brother down a flight of stairs into the belly of the Rat, past VIPs and fine ales, finally emerging into the fray of an in-progress Sunday matinee played by The Trouble and Ducky Boys, plus others.

Then we hit the Clic Gallery for an exhibition of Lyle Owerko’s work from his new book “The Boombox Project.” The book serves as a visual history and tribute to the jambox, with quotes from many famous people who either owned one or knew someone who owned one back in the day. Here’s a good line, courtesy of Pras from The Fugees:


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  1. A shame they opted to photoshop out the "Sacred" and "Token" in the band stickers.

This is England: 1983 – 1986

Today, the fourth and final episode of Shane Meadows’ “This is England ’86″ will air on Channel 4. The series picks up three years to the day after the first shot in Meadows’ BAFTA-winning “This is England” (2006), and the subjects have gone through some changes. Combo is not hanging out any more, Banjo and Meggie are off the racist tip and Shaun is trying to stick in the workforce. The crew’s different fashions are immediately noticeable. Meadows had this to say to GQ (UK)’s Andy Morris when he broached the subject:

Strangely it’s just about the people now. The characters have earned their right to not be part of the fashion. They’re not just skinheads in a gang. Woody is still into his scooters, Milky is still into being a skinhead but they’ve all moved on. The reality was that by 1986 the important thing is the World Cup. It’s strange how we hang our memories on national events. 1986 was quite a wishy washy time. Hip-hop was still being born, the punk and skinhead thing had kind of died but was still there, there were casuals as well — but the one thing that sticks in my mind was Maradona’sHand of God“. I’ve been listening to a lot of archive stuff and what people forget is there were lines and lines of soldiers and tanks at the match. It was like they could have blown the whole thing up!

thomas turgoose shaun this is england 86 trumbull island
Shaun – Thomas Turgoose

We find Shaun to be a bit of a loner at the beginning of summer ’86. He quit hanging out with the crew in ’83, after Combo beat the shit out of Milky. Shaun now sports shaggy locks — that’s post-skinhead to you — and after a disagreement with his mum, he leaves home to sleep down by the docks. To round out his new homeless style, Smell hooks him up with some pieces from her 71-year-old father’s wardrobe. Nothing fits and everything is old. That’s real.


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  1. "I heard barking." - Cynthia, Shaun's mother

In Kingston

In February I spent some time in Kingston, Jamaica. We were there to work out licensing deals for our vinyl distribution company, look for old records,1 and see some of the musical landmarks as it was my first time there. Here are some snapshots taken on a Blackberry, mostly from the car, as we drove thru the streets of Kingston. Caveat, we are not professional (or even amateur!) photographers by any means, so please take that into consideration with regards to the quality of the photos.

jamaica randy's studio 7 record cutting lathe trumbull island

Cutting Lathe
This is the old cutting lathe at Randy’s Studio 17. Randy’s was the most famous record store in Jamaica, and Studio 17 was the recording studio they operated upstairs from the store, at 17 North Parade, downtown Kingston. What was the studio is now the record store, and what was the record store, below, is now a different store. All the recording equipment from the 1960s is sitting there still, covered. This lathe cut the lacquers for thousands of Jamaican 7″ singles in the 1970s. Countless classic tunes were recorded, mixed, and cut here.


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  1. My record pick, not Rob's.

The full list of Jonathan Lee Riches’ lawsuits, appeals, legal filings

jonathan lee riches lawsuits trumbull island

Everyone loves a good list. Although Brett Barrouquere of the Associated Press reported that Jonathan Lee Riches ©the most litigious man in history, has filed more than 3,800 lawsuits, the AP and many other news outlets have confused the number of PACER case locator entries under Jonathan’s name for actual lawsuits. Not all of these filings are lawsuits, although the majority of them are. Appeals, interventions, and other tricky legal filings are represented by this figure. And now, thanks to our team of data-molesting code monkeys, we are proud to present a dynamic (and accurate) table that will allow the world to admire Jonathan’s work in a way that gives some greater, more factual perspective on how monumental it is.


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Read Barron

Today on Slate, critic Tom Scocca took Peter King, Sports Illustrated football big cheese, to task for bullying Andrew Barron for his late holding penalty that cost Dallas a division game. King called Barron a “disgrace” on Twitter, and further in his column where he noted the athlete did not even make “a semblance” at a kosher hold during that fourth quarter. For those who didn’t watch, Barron committed something close to a horse collar on Andrew Orapko, the Pro Bowl linebacker he was charged to block, which nullified Tony Romo’s would-be touchdown pass. Washington held on to win. It was Barron’s third (!) holding penalty that game — and, King noted, his league-leading 78th in the past five-plus seasons.


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Pregnant, Mirrors & Wires, Hank Wood & The Hammerheads at Rockstar Bar

Come check out some dirty Brooklyn guitar music tonight at Rockstar Bar, after party hosted by Trumbull Island & DB.

pregnant brooklyn mirrors wires hank wood hammerheads trumbull island

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What Really Happened to Tom Brady

tom brady car accident boston trumbull island Ludgero Rodrigues

RECKLESS DRIVING, BACK BAY: Two eyewitnesses, one tall, one short but wearing “stage shoes,” reported that someone had forced a dog at gunpoint to drive a Model T into the van of Drew Bledsoe (retired) on Sept. 9. The dog did not understand and drove into the nearest Audi. The Audi’s driver was later confirmed as Tom Brady, ponytail seeker and quarterback of the New England Patriots.

The victim (quarterback) told police that he had been listening to Stern in the car when he heard a loud non-diegetic bark. He looked outside his window but only saw a squat man in stage shoes chatting with a taller man with a leash.

Police said the dog was arrested on sight, despite a previous claim by his owner, Jeff, that he was “a good boy.”

The Patriots said in an official tweet and on their Facebook page on Thursday that Brady “reports that he’s OK.”

The damage to Brady’s car was estimated, by a vagrant, at less than $500. Actual damages were more severe.


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