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Lil Wayne father of twins to Brooklyn teen

A Trumbull insider recently washed up in McCarren Park after a short stint at Rikers Island. We couldn’t resist asking him for some Lil Wayne gossip…

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Did you see Lil Wayne at Rikers?

No, I didn’t see him but my friend Kent who’s in there was housed with him for like two and a half months in March and April, and then my friend Fred had a seizure in the bullpen.1 He woke up at this hospital in Queens and Lil Wayne was in the bed next to him because I guess Lil Wayne faked some medical shit because he got a 16-year-old pregnant in Far Rockaway and she just had his twins and he wanted to be in the hosptial with the twins while they were born so he faked some medical shit to get there. The mother of the girl was trying to say that he needed a whole motorcade escort back to Rikers Island, like, he needed to be surrounded by cops on motorcycles and shit but he’s just chilling in there. He’s like the first rapper to ever go in there and be like “I wanna be housed in general population,” all rappers when they go in there like DMX and Wu-Tang dudes they go into, not protective custody but high profile, which means they have captains with them at all times and shit. You know, they have police escorts. But Lil Wayne was like “Nah, fuck that, I’m gonna chill,” you know what I mean? And I guess he’s got mad money in his account, he’s in a house with like 50 other inmates, he just buys them all food and whatever they want, you know? So everyone’s like, “Whoa, Lil Wayne, he puts it on in here.” They say he just walks around all day drinking coffee and eating cookies, all day. And the female corrections officers are fuckin’ him and shit, like he’s just ballin’, he doesn’t give a fuck.

So what are the houses like?

You’re housed with, there’s different buildings on Rikers Island, and in each building it’s divided into houses, and some of them are like open dorms where it’s just a room with like 60 beds, where you sleep with like 59 other people, and there’s ones that will be like, 23-man cells. And then there’s a room in the front with a television. You basically just watch TV all day and chill. If you have some money in your account, you just buy shit at the store there and drink soda and eat…

They have a store?2

The commissary.

Yeah, commissary. It’s like, you get shitty little bags of chips and, yeah, you just chill with the commissary shit and watch crappy action movies all day, it’s so funny. Dudes wanna watch the same movies over and over.

Which ones?

This movie “Taken.” Everyone wanted to watch…the movie was sick! I saw it like 5-6 times.

Was the DVD there or something?

Yeah, the different guards who watch the cells, if you get cool ones, they’ll bring in DVDs for you to watch like every day, you know what I mean? But sometimes you get shafted and you get stuck with like guards who got a stick up their ass and wanna enforce the rules but the house I was in was cool. There was this one Muslim guard and then the other one worked there at night and came in and gambled with everybody like all night. He was chill. He played dice and cards with everyone. There’s mad weed in there too, like, everyone just smokes weed and cigarettes, you kinda just chill.

Sounds like a vacation.

It sorta is!


  1. A temporary holding area for prisoners.
  2. Stupid question by nameless third party.

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  1. waynes neighbor wrote:

    i was his next door neighbor in pc ion 3 upper . he isnt in a house of 60 guys theres only 5 guys which 3 of are former police offices and the rest are snitches.

    Monday, August 23, 2010 at 6:16 am | Permalink

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