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Jerkin’ for that Nut


I’m not saying it was right, but I clicked on a link in a Chris Brown tweet a few weeks back. What I saw on the other end of that morally pretzelled wormhole was a street level view of young kids dancing. I wanted to know where, and who they were, and what it was they were up to with something they called “jerkin’.” The McGowan/Porter Productions film crew, documentary authoritarians of that West Coast dance movement, kindly filled us in.

What is McGowan/Porter Productions? What and where do you represent?

McGowan/Porter Productions is a production company that we accidentally started while filming friends of ours skating. We went home, started editing and grew a passion for production. We represent the people in the “hood” that actually want to be productive and not just represent the stereotypical natures of the ghetto.

Did you invent jerkin’? Does jerkin’ have an apostrophe?

Ha Ha, No we didn’t invent jerkin’ but we do play a major role in jerkin’. We were responsible for starting the YouTube jerkin’ movement. Its started with a crew called Hi5ive and expanded to crews such as the Action Figures, LoL Kids, Fan 4, Teen Titans, In Living Color, Vintage Bros, Etc.

Have you ever seen the movie “The Jerk,” starring Steve Martin, from 1979? I think there might be some great samples in there to put in your videos. It’s a classic.

Yes, Steve Martin is hilarious, great movie, ha ha. We’ll keep samples in mind. We’ll put a word in with our music producer Mykenificent.

How many videos have you produced to date? Are you involved with music production as well?

Over 120 jerk videos, we also have reality shows parodies, mini movies and various other projects. Not with jerkin’ music, no, but you never know.

There are some real young kids in your videos … have you ever seen anyone get hurt while jerkin’? Have you ever seen an animal do the dance?

Nothing more then a few bumps, bruises and scrapes. We’ve seen everything from kids jerkin’ on top of ice cream trucks to kids flipping off of the top of buildings, but no serious injuries.

Out of the following performers, who do you think could jerk the best? Eminem, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Drake, Lady GaGa, or the almighty Dr. Dre?

HA HA HA!!! You’re funny. Lady Gaga would be the most likely candidate because women have a better range of motion and look much better jerkin’. But McGowan would like to see Jay-Z jerk. Ha ha! I would like to see Eminem get his jerk on.

Can you be arrested for jerkin’?

We haven’t seen it yet, but they have been kicked out of places. We won’t name places, (Universal City Walk, The Bridge, etc.). It can get a bit out of hand sometimes.

Caught in a Jerk

Caught in a Jerk

How much do the jerkin’ and trappin’ scenes overlap, if at all?

We’ve never experienced them overlapping, no.

How often does jerkin’ lead to sex?

HA HA HA!!! Where do you come up with these questions? We don’t condone teenage sex. You would have to ask the jerkers directly.

Can you teach us some of the slang used in the jerkin’ scene?

Sure. A “Doo Doo Mama” is a girl that dresses unorthodox. A “Rachet” is a hoe. A “Baggy Daddy” is a guy that wears baggy jeans and dresses more like a thug. “Sus” is someone/something that is wack. A “Function” is a party or gathering of jerkers.

When’s the last time you put on a pair of relaxed fit or baggy jeans?

Every day. We’re a production company, we don’t jerk!

Break down the ultimate jerkin’ outfit.

A tight, colorful T-shirt, jacket or sweater, plaid, checkered or hyper-plaid prints, skinny jeans, bright neon colors, snap caps (or snap-backs), Vans, frameless glasses and any ’80s style imaginable.

As directors, what is your dream project?

Our dream project (McGowan is the Producer, Porter the director) is to produce full-length feature films and to be successful in the entertainment industry. We want to make people laugh, cry, cheer for the hero and root for the bad guy. In essence, we don’t have one dream project, but many dream projects.

Did you watch the LA Weekly mini-doc, “Now We Jerk“? What was up with the narrator’s voice? He didn’t really seem into it?

Yes, it seemed like he doesn’t really understand jerkin’ or the movement. Not a bad mini doc, though.


Do you know this kid on the right, in the UMass shirt? Who is he? Cool shirt, odd to see it on such a young playa in California.

Not really, we think he’s from Girls Like Me, Inc. They wear whatever they find that they like and run with it. It is very rare.