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Dear Jon, Pt. 4

Jonathan Lee Riches is a federal prisoner nearing the end of a sentence for wire fraud in a medical facility in Kentucky. Along with a nod from Guinness as the world’s most litigious man, he is in possession of what we call a beautiful mind. In his fourth letter to us, Riches begins to open up about his life and quotes Method Man.

Nov 1, 2009


Responding back.

Again, sorry this is unorganized. My attention is focused in this Drug Program. I had to write a one page report on why I had expired Honey Buns in my locker from 2006. I tried to explain that I hoard food, because you never know if we will get a nuclear attack and rationing food would be survival. I saw the movie “Empire of the Sun,” and the boy was in search of food in his home.

I remember the Nintendo game Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! If you want the code to get to fight Mike Tyson it’s 007 373 5963. I also remember my ninth grade locker combination: 16-31-6. So if you need something just let me know.

If you want to hear audio tapes of mine or funny stories about my partyline experience then Google “Judith Carley” a/k/a Nunya in Binghamton N.Y., she is an online journalist that wrote articles on me. If you email her, it could benefit you.

Also, the blogsite Dreadnaught.wordpress has a lot of things on me, if you don’t mind printing them up and sending.

These people called “Dr. Blood’s Orgy of Organs” from Mansfield, Ohio, told me to sue them to get publicity. What are they about. Remember the old old Wu-Tang 36 Chambers when he says, “I’ll lay your fuckin nuts on a dresser, and blah,” “or I’ll sew your ass shut, and keep feeding you, feedin you.”

I used to be a model for an agency in King of Prussia, Penn., called Main Line Models. Contact them for pictures, or my mother has a portfolio on me with all kinds of pictures, contact her 610-XXX-XXXX – Donna Riches.

We will talk more Owen. Just lettin you know I have not forgot about you. I feel grateful that you speak with me. Eight billion people on earth, and a few people write.

Thanks for your support,

A/K/A Gino Romano

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