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Dear Jon, Pt. 3

Jonathan Lee RichesOur friend Jonathan Lee Riches gets personal about pranks, hacking, and his mania.


Mr. Owen,

Hello, responding back.

I got a lot of thoughts running through the head that I have to produce on paper. I’m writing on top of a Wired Magazine. This pen is made by Bic, and this is Government typing paper.

When I think of your name, two thoughts come to mind. Owen Wilson & Conrad Black. Mr Zazi just got sued, “Riches v. Zazi.” I’ve sued Conrad Black, “Riches v. Black.” I have visions of people watching a Bronx Yankees playoff game (Oct 2012), when a streaker jumps the stands without a shirt, with marker on his back,, running to Derek Jeter to serve him legal papers.

I did have a dog, a 1.5 lb Pomoranian [sic] named Chops. I bought a home, fully paid for in 2001 with stolen credit card & identity theft money in Holiday, Florida, with my [girlfriend] at the time Stefanie [full name withheld]. CNN did a program on me called CNN presents: “How to Rob a Bank,” this can be viewed online, as it shows everything about my story, houses, cars, boats, etc.

Mr. Owen, I love to run. This is equally important to me with the lawsuits. If I miss a day, I go nuts. Let me re-say this, if I miss 1 out of the 3 runs I do daily, 1 hr each shot, (3 runs = 3 hrs) then I go nuts! Call it obsessive compulsive behavior, I call it driven borderline crazy.

I love entertainment and pranks, I will incorporate this with my lawsuits when I get out. Before I went to prison, I loved prank calling celebrities. I got audio tapes at home from a recording device I picked up at Radio Shack of numerous people. My archives.1 I got G.W. Bush on tape, me posing as the Joint Chief of Staffs telling him Barbara Bush had [an] acid reflux attack. I got Steven Segal from Roosevelt Island cussing at me. I called Steven Wynn2 in a girl’s voice as Ivanna Trump [expressing] my disgust with the maids in his resorts. I will share a lot with you one day.3

If you Google my name with “Gino Romano” it will show online stuff.4

Like I said before, my name is going to be submitted for mayors, sheriffs, city councils.

Hey, I switched pens. Switched again, and again.

Go Phillies! I grew up in Philly, the Liberty Bell is cracked on this stamp. Check out the Sep. issue of Rolling Stones Magazine [sic] with the Beatles on the cover, and read the article inside about the telephone pranksters. I know all of them personally, not only did I do the same stuff before them on the same chatlines, but I did it to them personally.

Your business card is very catchy. These suits are funny.

“Riches v. Palin” “Riches v. John McCain,” “Riches v. $800 Billion Bailout Plan”

“Riches v. 202-456-1414″ (that’s the White House phone #)

I got to go

Write soon



  1. My archives: a stack of ZooBooks, some drawings of some naked chicks, three $2 bills, a few riffs I've collected over the years, and a bunch of birthday cards from my grandmothers.
  2. A couple pieces of trivia on Mr. Wynn: He once paid $1.45M in ransom for his daughter Kevyn. He also married and divorced the same woman twice (most recently divorced this year).
  3. Pause.
  4. Not so much, but I got this.