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Dear Jon, Pt. 2

Jonathan Lee Riches checks in with Trumbull again.

jonathan lee riches2-web


Responding back. I’m at a medical facility for 2 reasons.

(1) I’m participating in the Bureau of Prisons RDAP drug program, [which] if I complete by next Spring, then I’m eligible to get a year off my sentence. That means by this time next year I will be home.

(2) Before I got here, I was at FCI Williamsburg1 in solitary confinement (SHU2) 24-hour lockdown for 8 months. This was because I was [such] a burden on prison staff because of [my] filing lawsuits, which brought media & people’s attention, calling the prison, etc. It didn’t thwart me, as I continued to file suits while in lockdown, also going on a hunger strike. I lost a lot of weight Owen. Skinny like Mary-Kate Olson [sic]. I’m 5 ft 10 inches, and went to 105 lbs, so they sent me here to get medical treatment/psych treatment.

I’m still very light. I’m around 120 lbs, but I love to run. It’s an obsession and addiction of mine, I run a few times a day, and accumulate 15-20 miles daily. When I was not running, I would file lawsuits on everyone and anything. Whatever I [saw] in the newspapers, I involved me in the plot. I’ve laid off the lawsuits lately. Maybe I’m a virus dormant. Yes I sued Hilary Duff, don’t remember the details, but if you put in “Riches v. Duff” in Google, you will find it. Also, if you put in “Riches v. ” and put whoever’s name afterward. If you’re curious about a celebrity [I sued], you could probably find it. Another site to go to is, put my name in the search engine. I get family and friends to send me blogs occasionally. If you want a crazy picture of me, go to “Riches v. Hurricane Ike.” Read the lawsuit, and at the end has my picture.3

Filing lawsuits is so easy, even a caveman can do it!

Let me know when you get this


  1. Not in the boroughs but in Salters, S.C.
  2. Special Housing Unit
  3. Featured last week.