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Beb on the Street Pt. 1: At the Skatepark


1. What is your name?


2. How old are you?


3. What are you doing at the skatepark today?

Just rollerblading.

4. What is your favorite rollerblading stunt?

I don’t have one.

5.2 Tell us about your outfit, it’s very nice…what are you wearing?

The shoes don’t have any brand…nothing has a brand.

6. Do you have a boyfriend?

[Smiles] No.

7. Do you have a pet?

[Frowns] No.

8. Awww :(


  1. I recall the translator amusedly remarking that it was a mutt name, as in a name that was created with the beginning of one name and the end of another, a phenomenon he attributed to indecisive/ creative parents.
  2. I would've followed up by asking her, "I'll teach you how to stunt"?