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Operation Tirana – Total War 2010

While we’ve been sewing up some legal matters this quarter, our friends at Mazine Clothing have been hard at work planning an assault of the arts on Eastern Europe. Operation Tirana kicks off May 1 at the Mazine headquarters located near Düsseldorf, Germany and will feature international street stars The London Police, Morcky, Swanski, Ripo, DXTR, and Peachbeach squaring off against each other in a series of visual duels. “Like your battle rhyming, we will take it from the trainyard to the stage and have 2 cats battling each other on the same canvas — crossing each other’s pieces.” Reveille will be provided by Brooklyn’s own Rocky Business. From here the carnival will press onward to Tirana, capital of Albania, and sister city to Grand Rapids, Mich. Seven days of artistic and charitable outreach will ensue.

Check out for more info and…prepare for war!