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Marina Abramovic on how to kill gold and eat rats

marina abramovicMarina Abramović: The Artist is Present is still showing at the MoMA through May 31. The exhibit is quite extensive and should take one a couple hours to thoroughly inspect. There are plenty of nudes hanging out, from the two you must1 squeeze through to enter her retrospective, to the one laying grimly beneath a human skeleton. But you may want to budget some additional time, say, all day, if you want your turn to sit face-to-tace with the artist herself. Not sure what these people walk away with (or without) after a silent staring contest with Marina, and we’re not ones to just jump in any New York line, though we do love peepin’ em.

We at Trumbull are pretty into chicks with expensive taste who can hang with street vermin, so, quickly, watch the Yugoslav performance artist pioneer deal with two of the world’s most disparate commodities: rats and gold.

Marina Abramović – How we in New York eat gold


  1. OK, this pervy entry way is only optional. We took the normy route, ourselves.

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