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Curio of the week: Gilbert Arenas’s gold-plated Desert Eagle

We were flabbergasted to learn the whereabouts of a Trumbull heirloom when photos from Gilbert Arenas’s gun collection hit the Web this week. You see, young Gilbert and his teammate Javaris Crittenton drew on each other in the locker room over a gambling debt/as a prank on Christmas Eve, 2009. Now Gilbert’s self-proclaimed better than 500-piece collection is a matter of public record.

One of our wayward nephews lost this magnificent Golden Eagle in a game of Low Chicago┬áin an ass-scratch hamlet of Missouri back in the late ’80s. If memory serves, he also lost a white Z28 and his grandfather’s Templar sword in the same game. He used to keep the sword in his trunk and claimed to have used it twice, once on a “crazy horse” and the other time he wouldn’t tell us about. It’s been years since we crossed paths with Skip, but it gives us some comfort to know that at the very least, his former possessions are still circulating among high(ish) society.

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