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Be Violent, Be Loud

violent children youth of today connecticut hardcore trumbull island ray cappo porcell

Leeway – Live soundboard @ JC Staddijk, Nijmegen, The Netherlands 12/07/1991

01 The Future
02 Enforcer
03 All About Dope
04 Marathon / On The Outside
05 Who’s To Blame
06 No Heroes
07 Kingpin
08 Stand For
09 Ball Hugger
10 Catholic High School (Girls In Trouble)
11 Unexpected
12 Rise And FallĀ / Mark Of The Squealer
13 Born To Expire
14 Should I Stay Or Should I Go (The Clash)

Enjoy the free tunes, son. Our emp game goes back to Audiogalaxy, and has broken up both friendships and fights.

Never not seeding. Never not emping.

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