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Supertouch – Lost My Way EP Preview

We plugged a third generation iPod loaded with the new Supertouch Lost My Way 7″ EP into the Neve board at MetroSonic Recording Studio in Brooklyn, pressed play, and whipped out a malfunctioning, squirrel-nicked Sony CyberShot in order to capture some pre-vibes for our listening public. This record floored Harvey Keitel, no shit. Visit Reaper Records for more info.


The Damned Things Drop Fuzzy Rock Album ‘Ironiclast’

the damned things ironiclast trumbull island atlas effects trumbull fuzz island def jam records joe trohman fall out boy

Big week in Trumbull Town: Tuesday saw the release of our good friends The Damned Things debut album, Ironiclast, on Island/Def Jam. We caught their second-ever New York City performance at Rebel on Monday night and were blown away by their show.

We are very proud to have had the opportunity to work with the boys on this record. We’ll have more details on that soon. For now, visit to stream the album, which is already available in stores and on iTunes. Check out the video for their first single, “We’ve Got a Situation Here,” and a close-up of the cover for the deluxe edition of Ironiclast: Legacy that we’ll be selling in the year 2035, when this album has achieved classic status and Trumbull has crushed every other existing media empire into filthy dusten ash and forces everyone to return to buying vinyl (with free download tickets) …after the jump.



  1. Josh joined the band after their appearance in the Kathryn Bigelow-directed "Strange Days" (1995).

Die Antwoord – $copie video (reversed)

Die Antwoord has been dropping little videos on their site as it counts down to the release of $O$, now available worldwide. The latest one, “$copie,” played backwards, so we flipped it.

Die Antwoord $copie Reversed $O$ from Trumbull Magazine on Vimeo.

Below, the original $copie snippet.


Lyle Owerko’s Boombox Project a Blast

lyle owerko token entry nyhc boombox project trumbull island

It’s been a pretty hardcore week in Trumbull Town — that’s a good week. We pored through a recently uploaded video of “punks outside The Rat” in Boston from 1996 which sourcist P pointed out includes an incredibly Scorcese-esque shot at the end, following his older brother down a flight of stairs into the belly of the Rat, past VIPs and fine ales, finally emerging into the fray of an in-progress Sunday matinee played by The Trouble and Ducky Boys, plus others.

Then we hit the Clic Gallery for an exhibition of Lyle Owerko’s work from his new book “The Boombox Project.” The book serves as a visual history and tribute to the jambox, with quotes from many famous people who either owned one or knew someone who owned one back in the day. Here’s a good line, courtesy of Pras from The Fugees:



  1. A shame they opted to photoshop out the "Sacred" and "Token" in the band stickers.

Pregnant, Mirrors & Wires, Hank Wood & The Hammerheads at Rockstar Bar

Come check out some dirty Brooklyn guitar music tonight at Rockstar Bar, after party hosted by Trumbull Island & DB.

pregnant brooklyn mirrors wires hank wood hammerheads trumbull island

Win a Trumbull Tee

danny franzese trumbull island magazine trumbull love brooklyn skinhead tail chasers

Stop by our Facebook page today for your chance to win a Trumbull shirt.1 All you gotta do is post the best picture on our wall. Can it be so simple?


  1. We cannot guarantee you will look as sharp as this Brooklyn skinhead model if you win the shirt.

Be Violent, Be Loud

violent children youth of today connecticut hardcore trumbull island ray cappo porcell

Leeway – Live soundboard @ JC Staddijk, Nijmegen, The Netherlands 12/07/1991


Cat Got Ya Tongue II

On Monday July 12, Trumbull Island is co-sponsoring a hip hop party at St. Jerome’s, 155 Rivington St in New York City. No cover, cheap drinks, and maybe some Trumbull tees. Naughty ragers get spankings. See you there!

lady starlight spanking lady gaga at st. jerome's nyc trumbull island cat got ya tongue


Deer Dana’s coppable T-shirts

We don’t sell these shirts but Deer Dana does. Shootout to Kim Babinecz, and to Canada Day.

paul pierce deer dana lil wayne deer dana

Marina Abramovic on how to kill gold and eat rats

marina abramovicMarina Abramović: The Artist is Present is still showing at the MoMA through May 31. The exhibit is quite extensive and should take one a couple hours to thoroughly inspect. There are plenty of nudes hanging out, from the two you must1 squeeze through to enter her retrospective, to the one laying grimly beneath a human skeleton. But you may want to budget some additional time, say, all day, if you want your turn to sit face-to-tace with the artist herself. Not sure what these people walk away with (or without) after a silent staring contest with Marina, and we’re not ones to just jump in any New York line, though we do love peepin’ em.

We at Trumbull are pretty into chicks with expensive taste who can hang with street vermin, so, quickly, watch the Yugoslav performance artist pioneer deal with two of the world’s most disparate commodities: rats and gold.



  1. OK, this pervy entry way is only optional. We took the normy route, ourselves.

Operation Tirana – Total War 2010

While we’ve been sewing up some legal matters this quarter, our friends at Mazine Clothing have been hard at work planning an assault of the arts on Eastern Europe. Operation Tirana kicks off May 1 at the Mazine headquarters located near Düsseldorf, Germany and will feature international street stars The London Police, Morcky, Swanski, Ripo, DXTR, and Peachbeach squaring off against each other in a series of visual duels. “Like your battle rhyming, we will take it from the trainyard to the stage and have 2 cats battling each other on the same canvas — crossing each other’s pieces.” Reveille will be provided by Brooklyn’s own Rocky Business. From here the carnival will press onward to Tirana, capital of Albania, and sister city to Grand Rapids, Mich. Seven days of artistic and charitable outreach will ensue.

Check out for more info and…prepare for war!

Curio of the week: Gilbert Arenas’s gold-plated Desert Eagle

We were flabbergasted to learn the whereabouts of a Trumbull heirloom when photos from Gilbert Arenas’s gun collection hit the Web this week. You see, young Gilbert and his teammate Javaris Crittenton drew on each other in the locker room over a gambling debt/as a prank on Christmas Eve, 2009. Now Gilbert’s self-proclaimed better than 500-piece collection is a matter of public record.

One of our wayward nephews lost this magnificent Golden Eagle in a game of Low Chicago in an ass-scratch hamlet of Missouri back in the late ’80s. If memory serves, he also lost a white Z28 and his grandfather’s Templar sword in the same game. He used to keep the sword in his trunk and claimed to have used it twice, once on a “crazy horse” and the other time he wouldn’t tell us about. It’s been years since we crossed paths with Skip, but it gives us some comfort to know that at the very least, his former possessions are still circulating among high(ish) society.

click to see all three photos


The movie adaptation of “Moneyball,” Michael Lewis’ must-read book about the Oakland A’s changes to player evaluation in baseball, is back on course, with shooting set to resume this summer. Brad Pitt will play Oakland general manager Billy Beane, though there is one major casting change. The role of Paul DePodesta, the Harvard-educated statistician pictured above, will be played not by Demetri Martin, but by Jonah Hill.


Salute: Dwayne hold your head

Photo by Kenneth Cappello

Are they really sending him away this time? Poor chap. He simply refused to go anywhere without … excessive firepower — I suppose it was only a matter of time before John Law caught up with our friend. Look, I’m strapped — that’s a given. You see this? This is a Remington. <discharges three shots into the ceiling> What does Dwayne need with scatter-shot and automatics? Oh, look, some of the ceiling’s landed on your hat.

I’ll sorely miss our South Beach shopping sprees and his jokes. There was the day I introduced him to crêpes at A La Folie. He loved them! He must have ordered five different kinds. Slim once told me — this was last year — oh, forget it.

The boys say they’ve been pestering you with a list of “Lil Wayne’s” best mixtape tracks on their Twitter account, and asked me to say a few words to introduce their fancy little playlist. So, without any further ado, Trumbull’s Top 10 Weezy mixtape jams:


An advertisement for Lopez Tonight

We’ve written about IEDs before, and we’ve been inside the hurt locker. But the delicacy with which the cast members of MTV’s “Jersey Shore” handle the world’s scariest bomb in this clip makes us want to throw down our wireless keyboards and wave our white flag. It is well-known that Pauly D has the tendency to shy away from grenades, but Ronnie goes in: