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Trumbull Studio is proud to announce the opening of our Williamsburg gallery with an exhibition of photography curated by Owen Black and Derek Wood.

From December 3 through December 8, 2011, the Trumbull Studio Gallery will present exhibitions by ten contemporary artists working with photography, Derek Wood (United States), Ben Rayner (England), Elizabeth Weinberg (U.S.), Ryan Schude (U.S.), Bryant Eslava (U.S.), Aaron Feaver (U.S.), Scott Cannon (Trumbull Island), Jolie Clifford (U.S.), Kenn Law (U.S.), and João Neto (Brazil).

Full press release

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Dear Jon, Pt. 7

Our pen pal, infamous prisoner Jonathan Lee Riches ©, has written Trumbull once again. This time he wishes to update us on his current and unprecedented situation. With the passage of the USA PATRIOT Act, Americans have seen a steady decline in their civil liberties. And now it appears that another constitutional protection has fallen by the wayside for one individual (download the case here). So without further ado, Mr. Riches, the floor is yours…

Trumbull Jonathan Lee Riches Trumbull Jonathan Lee Riches

Dear Trumbull,

The Bureau of Prisons in conjunction with the Federal Medical Center, Lexington Kentucky, (FMC Lexington) are going through extraordinary means to silence me, punishment through solitary confinement with psychological warfare inflicted on my life.


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carnivore shirt pete steele type o negative shirts

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El Pinto Honors Lil Wayne With Custom Salsa

lil wayne el pinto salsa ymcmb lil tunechi @liltunechi trumbull island wally trumbull

"This jar of El Pinto Signature Blend was specially prepared for Lil Wayne"

Lil Wayne is known to have a formidable sweet tooth, but did you know that Mr Carter’s palette has a salty side? The CEO of Young Money Cash Money recently received a personalized case of El Pinto’s medium salsa during a recording session for his long-awaited Tha Carter IV album at The Hit Factory in Miami. There are many ways to enjoy salsa — this the Mexicans can attest to — but in Miami I witnessed the Lil Wayne salsa be put to use in strange and newfangled ways by the YMCMB squad that El Pinto product developers and parents of Young America alike may care to take note of:


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Wally Trumbull’s New York: Shake Shack

Not Wally Trumbull’s favorite place to get a burger — that would be the original DuMont Burger — but his favorite place for the hangover- destroying peanut butter and bacon/waffle fry combo. In 2005, Wally told the now-defunct Gourmet magazine that, “The frozen custard remains a balm for me, in my darkest hours,” referring to the incident earlier that year at the Bryant Park location1 during which he was made to wait in line for the first — and only — time in his life.

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shake shack trumbull island dumont burger madison square park gourmet magazine

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  1. What, you've never been?

Supertouch – Lost My Way EP Preview

We plugged a third generation iPod loaded with the new Supertouch Lost My Way 7″ EP into the Neve board at MetroSonic Recording Studio in Brooklyn, pressed play, and whipped out a malfunctioning, squirrel-nicked Sony CyberShot in order to capture some pre-vibes for our listening public. This record floored Harvey Keitel, no shit. Visit Reaper Records for more info.


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The Damned Things Drop Fuzzy Rock Album ‘Ironiclast’

the damned things ironiclast trumbull island atlas effects trumbull fuzz island def jam records joe trohman fall out boy

Big week in Trumbull Town: Tuesday saw the release of our good friends The Damned Things debut album, Ironiclast, on Island/Def Jam. We caught their second-ever New York City performance at Rebel on Monday night and were blown away by their show.

We are very proud to have had the opportunity to work with the boys on this record. We’ll have more details on that soon. For now, visit to stream the album, which is already available in stores and on iTunes. Check out the video for their first single, “We’ve Got a Situation Here,” and a close-up of the cover for the deluxe edition of Ironiclast: Legacy that we’ll be selling in the year 2035, when this album has achieved classic status and Trumbull has crushed every other existing media empire into filthy dusten ash and forces everyone to return to buying vinyl (with free download tickets) …after the jump.


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  1. Josh joined the band after their appearance in the Kathryn Bigelow-directed "Strange Days" (1995).

Wally Trumbull’s New York: The Chelsea Hotel

Summer 1978 was rough on Wally Trumbull, who was kicked out of Television — for his electronic drum set — and dropped by Taschen for his “aggravating indecision” to use crayons and Edison-era cameras for the “Columbu: Cruising” biographical (Franco) oversize. Hurt, Wally moved into The Chelsea Hotel and joined the neighborhood’s nascent weight-lifting community, gaining 30 pounds of lean muscle and a facial tic by Labor Day. He had convinced several of The Hotel’s guests to join him on his three-hour (mostly outdoor) sessions, including one Sid Vicious, who for some reason wasn’t gaining much weight. Worried, Wally arrived at Vicious’ room on Oct. 12, bearing cups of isolated protein to find the musician and his girl, Nancy Spungen, laying on the floor. Wally alerted authorities — a first for him — and became distraught enough to quit weightlifting outright. He would later bill Spungen’s estate for the cost of the shakes.

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chelsea hotel sid vicious sex poistols nancy spungen television franco columbu

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Trumbull Header Artist Series, No. 1: MPH

Look up and you’ll see the first in a prolific series of Trumbull headers designed by some of the cheapest and most desperate talent to be found, which we scrupulously screen for quality during begrudged sessions punctuated by violent retching and the cries of our judge’s panel suffering stabbing ocular pain. We’ve been spreading the word about this ritzy plot of pixel space to insiders for some time, but let not the agony of our critics deter ye artists far and wide from submitting to our consideration; consider the floodgates opened.

And now for five questions with MPH, the first to claim our marquee.

mph trumbull island header


1. What do you do?
Design and illustration.


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Wally Trumbull’s New York – Dorsia

Dorsia, a Glatt Kosher Cajun fusion restaurant-cum-death metal club of which Wally Trumbull was a minority owner, was famously the peak of the New York cuisine scene, introducing both sushi and Pentagram to high Manhattan society. In addition to putting respectable, if dirty, money into Wally’s elk leather satchel, the restaurant also inspired Le Bernardin’s Maguy Le Coze to move to the United States in earnest. It should be noted that Dorsia took fewer reservations a night than did Richard Nixon, but a handful of nightly patrons were admitted on the strength of their ponytails, and their teeth — the fewer the better. It was also Henry Kissinger’s favorite place to eat before he became allergic to cough syrup.

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wally trumbull dorsia american psycho bret easton ellis christian bale patrick bateman

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Wally Trumbull’s New York: Greenpoint Hospital

The scene of Wally Trumbull’s only foray into medicine, as part of a freelance article for National Geographic entitled “Under the Knife in North America: An Expose of Medicine in the Other Boroughs.” Wally was the lead surgeon on duty when local police hero Frank Vincent Serpico was carted in after being shot at point-blank range during a purported set-up in Williamsburg on Feb 3, 1971. While removing the .22 caliber bullet from Serpico’s face, Wally impacted the already fraying auditory nerve in the officer’s left ear, causing him to go half-deaf, and preventing the author from casting him in his off-Broadway musical, “Me and the Other Pope,” much to the chagrin of both. Out of respect, Wally would force at gunpoint the play’s lead actor, one Hillel O’Neal, to change his name to Frank Vincent, in tribute to the injured officer.

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frank vincent serpico greenpoint hospital wally trumbull island new york

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Shore Style

shore style njhc get real trumbull island

Allow me to take a moment before we embark upon this epic adventure into the lives of these people to explain to the reader the essence of what Shore Style is. In order to understand any part of the lives of these individuals, one must have a working knowledge of The Style and at least a moderate ability to tie that knowledge into real life examples. It is not entirely unheard of for The Style to completely bewilder the average person who has not yet gained a grasp of its many tenets. Part of what makes The Style so elusive to average mind is how intensely intangible it is. Along the lines of love or hatred, you must truly feel it to know what it is, although there is no true way to fully understand it. One must understand that The Style is both a way of life and at the same time not simply just a way of living. It is incomparable to a self-imposed decision such as veganism or being straight edge. It is an innate sense of self. It is more on the metaphysical level then anything else. Picture in your mind, if you will, a scenario. Any scenario that seems to have an impossible outcome. Now imagine that the impossible happening, but in such a way that you are too confused to even realize that it did, in fact, happen. The Style. Hypothetically, you are sitting in a diner on a date with beautiful woman. A large group of unrulies comes barreling into the diner and sits across the room from you. Their presence makes you uncomfortable because you feel they may offend your date. You see her staring at one with long gnarly hair. He is wearing a sleeveless hoodie, mesh shorts, and work boots. All of a sudden you have lost control. Your head stops spinning and your girlfriend is leaving with the dude in the work boots. How did this happen? You are a good-looking guy, well-dressed, nice car, lots of money. Now your girl is squeezed into a pickup truck with five grimy dudes and she’s getting ready for the train. The Style. There is this aura, unlike that of any other, that comes along with this style that turns impossible situations into bizarre anomalies. When a man or, in extremely rare cases, a woman is born with The Style, their mind inhabits a whole new plain of existence, much different from that of the normal world, while their body stays somewhat in sync with the rest of said normal world. The Style becomes apparent through many factors, some of the easiest to discern being the clothes, jargon, and innate ability to mosh well. Some of the harder factors to take notice of are the multiple lives that come hand in hand with having a mind that coincides on multiple plains of existence. Also, an extremely high sex drive is innate in those of The Style.


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Wally Trumbull’s New York: The Dakota

The historic building was an enviable if short-lived domestic respite for Wally Trumbull between 1961 and ‘65, during which he and his second wife, Caroline Bouvier (not that one), raised a young daughter, Greta Jr., on the fifth floor’s west wing, along with a brindled Boston Terrier named Nutley. Wally wanted off the unmanned oil rig he lived aboard during 1960 so he could begin storyboarding “Retired Whale Watchers, Depression and New York,” (working title: “How to Gut an American Fish”), which would see release in 1967. However, tensions would rise in 1964, when Jack LaLanne, a new tenant, made inroads on Bouvier, leading to the marrieds’ loud arguments, eviction and eventual divorce. By fall 1965, Wally was living in a repurposed schooner on Rye-on-Hudson, with Greta shipped off to Andover, and Bouvier married to Detroit Lions quarterback Milt Plum. By Christmas, the author would recuse himself of both parental responsibilities and the then-astronomical child support payment of $50 monthly.

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dakota trumbull island john lennon milt plum jack lalanne

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010. Trumbull “T” Shirt

trumbull t shirt tee

Trumbull “T” T-shirt


Look Book

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  1. This item was available Summer 2010.

Wally Trumbull’s New York: CBGB

Not one of Wally Trumbull’s favorite corners, having been busted across from Ray’s Pizza in the spring of 1983 for stealing a police car with one Raymond Barbieri (RIP). Barbieri got away on his bicycle, but Wally was not so lucky, and had to spend the night shackled to the radiator in the Special Investigations Unit waiting room. The escapade yielded some good, as Wally met Cyndy Garvey (ex-wife of Steve), outside SIU on his release the next morning. (She would later become his muse and subject of his best-selling vampire comic book “Ozarks Woman.”) By mid-afternoon, he was banging dope in an alley off Bleecker St., and by 11 p.m., he was moshing to Major Conflict’s “Outgroup.”

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cbgb warzone nyhc raybeez todd youth bri hurley making a scene 315 bowery trumbull island

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